Monday, November 24, 2014

Work in Progress - Cat Painting

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This is my current work in progress, painted on an 8x10 Ampersand gessobord. Here is the first layer of oils applied over the base coat. I will let this dry for a few days and change the areas I think need improvement. I find that overworking oils causes the colors to mix and turn into grey, so I try to stop painting at the instinctive moment when mud is about to occur. There are times when you want to achieve that effect, but in this case, I envision a combination of true colors with minimal blending. 
My plan going forward:
Focal point- Further defining the cat’s face and paws by adding another layer of pure white
Body details– Emphasize the direction and details of the fur
Color and value – Painting additional cool tones in the background, while darkening selected areas around the body
This is the process I typically use, as you have seen in my previous WIP posts. There is the base coat, initial layer, and additional layers until complete. Evaluation occurs over a period of several days for small paintings and often a month or longer for larger works.
Whenever I paint a dog, I can almost hear the faint meow of a cat. It’s been said … behind every wide-eyed fluffy dog is a couch-cuddling sleeping cat –
or maybe two??


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

2015 Calendar

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I had no intentions of making another calendar this year, until folks started asking about it! So, I dug up some paintings from the past and plugged them into last year's template. You can order it through my main website, or contact me at Eve(at) and we can go from there.
Even with all of the technologic reminders, I still love to view a calendar on the wall. They make excellent gifts for those folks who are hard to buy for!
(Approx) Measurements: Closed: 8" x 10.75". There are no watermarks on the images, which means you can trim them to fit a standard 8x10 picture frame, if desired. They will be packaged and shipped by me and will include a few extras :)) 

 Paintings selected for this year's calendar:


If you would like to view larger images or make an original painting purchase, please visit my main website > . Select the "Paintings" tab to view the 2015 calendar images or order it there, while supplies last.
Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Swatch Dog

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Sold~ Commissioned Painting
11x14 Oil on Canvas
Click Image to Enlarge
This cute little dog is my latest commissioned painting. I received approval from the client last week. It will be given as a gift to the owners of Maggie, a tiny Yorkshire Terrier, who is also a service dog.  She takes her job of making hospitalized patients smile… very seriously! She even made me smile, the entire time I painted her.
Before starting, my client and I discussed the painting size, orientation, and background colors. Due to Maggie’s small size in real life, we opted for an 11x14 vertical format, rather than a larger canvas.
One of our challenges was the reference photographs. They were cell phone files which showed great color, but lacked detail when enlarged. But since this is a surprise for the owners, asking for additional pictures from them was not an option. So, you use what you have and give it a try!

This was our selection. We liked her facial expression and sitting position.
( pixel dimensions 480x640)

The background colors were matched to fabric swatches from the client’s home.
When painting someone’s pet, I try to capture that animal’s colors and characteristics with a close resemblance. Owners look for those subtle details that define their special personalities. Additionally, the background colors are essential to the overall appeal of this painting. They effectively coordinate Maggie to her home environment. (I hope the owners like it!)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Caribbean Sidewalk Talk

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8x10 Oil on panel
Original & Prints available

Here’s another painting inspired by roaming the sidewalks of Grand Cayman. I loved the way the morning light hit the side of this building and created strong shadows. I altered the actual paint colors, with the intention of making it appear even brighter.

The island is surrounded by crystal clear water and miles of wide open beaches. It is a popular destination for scuba divers, due to the visibility of the coral reef and its creatures. But unless you’re an artist, observing street views and local home sites will most likely be very low on your list of things to do...
If you are interested in the marine life and are unable to scuba dive, there are galleries where you can view incredible underwater photography. You can also take chartered boat tours and enjoy snorkeling with harmless stingrays in knee deep water.

My favorite art gallery was the Guy Harvey Gallery & Shoppe. It is located in Georgetown, right off the main street and faces the ocean. If you get a chance, go and check it out. The detailed paintings of Guy’s fish are simply amazing! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

True Tropical Colors

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8x10 Oil on Panel
Original & Prints Available

I’ll go back a bit and show you some of my tropical paintings, since I don’t currently have any others of the southwest.

This is a painting of a house I saw while walking the south side of Grand Cayman several years ago. I got the idea for doing a series with palm trees and architecture, shortly after returning home. The cottages are so bright and colorful. I doubt they had any paint color restrictions, like our neighborhoods do here. I also enjoyed seeing the vegetation and the stone walls that had shells imbedded in the cement. Most residents use conch shells to decorate their front yards and fences. (So cool!)

I am always fascinated by artwork that has great use of color.  When you look at subjects literally like I do, it is often hard to be creative… and I’m working on that J.  But these structures required little thought beyond what was actually there.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Frosting Matters

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12x12 Oil on Canvas
Original & Prints Available

My aunt claims she’s not much of a cook, but I beg to differ. Every time I visit, she prepares delicious meals and desserts. This painting was inspired by of one of her freshly baked vanilla cupcakes. I did a taste test before she took the batch to meet with a group of ladies, and it’s a good thing I don’t have constant access to them!

Soon, glass jars will be filled with her homemade apple butter and offered at her town’s fall festival. She and a friend spend hours tending to the special sauce. As a long-term volunteer and board member for their local soup kitchen, she will also be cooking and serving food for community members, who would otherwise be without a decent Thanksgiving meal.
Sometimes there’s more to a cupcake than meets the icing ~