Friday, September 5, 2014

Summer Art Show

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Another collection of my paintings is now on display at Picture This! Frameshop & Gallery in Gainesville until October 11, 2014. “Scenes of Summer” depicts landscapes and seascapes inspired by the coastal regions of the southeastern United States and Caribbean. There are 29 original paintings available in a range of sizes and prices. Most of them are framed and ready-to-hang. Pick up a brochure, business card, and free greeting cards, while you’re there. Submit your email address in the Comments Cube, if you are interested in receiving information about my latest works.

Karen Kearney is the shop owner and coordinator for these shows. Every six weeks, she hosts a new artist or group. Additionally, Karen specializes in custom framing. She has over 20 years of framing experience and can assist you with the frame, moldings, and matting that best suit your style and d├ęcor.
Thanks again, Karen!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Painting Zion

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5x7 Oil on panel
Available at Etsy

This is a small painting of wildflowers with glimpse of Zion National Park’s landscape in the background. It was done with oils on a panel and has some added texture in the clouds.

I finished it with a bold black frame.  This was intended to be a study for a similar larger painting, but I am still undecided about the approach to take for another version and moved onto the next image of Utah’s beautiful desert region.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Horse Tale

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11x14 Oil on Panel

Wouldn’t you know it… Lazy horse now has a little more giddy up. In fact, I think she’s about to rise from the sand.

Lesson learned:  Don’t name your paintings before they match…

I kept the loose and random brush strokes, because I liked the initial direction this one was going. The curved lines in the tail seem to introduce a softer element and add some variety.

A layer of pure white was placed to the bridge of the nose, along with a bold block of turquoise under the chin. I also painted hints of yellow in the mane nearest the ears.  Yellow was applied sparingly, since it can have a strong impact and I did not want to alter the color scheme. These things are intended draw even more attention to the horse’s head.

Monday, August 11, 2014

WIP Lazy Horse

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Work in Progress
11x14 Oil on Panel

This is my latest oil painting in progress, still inspired by the southwest. I saw this single horse cooling in the sand, near Kolob Terrace Road, Utah. Although it’s not a landscape, the colors remind me of the region, with the red, orange, and turquoise tones. From this point, I plan to sharpen the details of the horse, by adding even more contrast. 

I have a few lovely artist friends who prefer loose paintings, with bold and random brush strokes. Funny how I can almost hear their voices saying, "Hold your horses and stop while you're ahead!". Who knows, I might agree with them later :) We’ll see where it goes!

I have never owned a horse, but keep going back to them as subjects to paint. I am fascinated by the deep connection that many owners and trainers have with them. They are beautiful and majestic animals. Like the human figure, I enjoy painting them whether they are active or lying still.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Desert Beauty

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12x16 Oil on Linen

So, we're back in the desert once again and this painting wasn’t really my idea...
People were gathering near a section of Bryce Canyon’s rim. There was not a crowd per se, but a steady stream of folks, lining up in that general area. At a distance, all I could see was a silhouette of a tree trunk, so I walked closer to see what all the fuss was about. Maybe the overlook had an even more spectacular view, or maybe there was a monument, an animal, or other interesting object, blocked by the angle of my current position.

Much to my surprise, the barren tree was the main attraction. Tourists were steadily snapping pictures and taking turns posing in front of it. Hmmm.

Up close, I soon realized the unique qualities of this natural sculpture. The trunk was a shiny and smooth. The bark was almost a charcoal tone, baked by the sun, with knots and gnarly branches. The roots were massive, stretching across the upper and lower borders. They were right. This tree indeed had a personality and character all its own. Snap!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Still Life Painting Workshop

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Still life study #1
 8" x 10"
(work in progress)

Still life study #2
12" x 12" (work in progress)

I took another desert detour and landed in Jacksonville, FL painting still life with professional oil painter, Qiang Huang and a great group of artists. The workshop came highly recommended by Janet McGrath, a portrait artist and dear friend, living in Central Florida.  Janet attended his class several years ago and it was something I’ve wanted to do ever since.
Here are the paintings I started on the first and second days. At this point, I consider them to be studies, because there are still issues relating to lighting, color, and edges. During the revision process, the advice I received will be very helpful in (hopefully) making improvements.
The information provided in these three days was incredible. Not to spoil the show, but Qiang covered many concepts, including still-life set up, design, studio lighting, palette colors, painting tools, oil paint properties, surfaces, and being a professional artist, etc. He explained his personal five-step painting approach, while performing live demonstrations and giving individual instructions. His ideas and methods not only apply to still life painting, but to rendering virtually any subject matter.
I try to attend a workshop every several years. It keeps the creativity flowing and I enjoy being a part of the discovery process, while working alongside other artists. The tips are valuable references for the future, whether it is experimenting with a different color, paint brush, or layering technique.
Watching videos is no comparison to receiving this type of onsite coaching and evaluation.
If you live near Jacksonville, Florida or are able to travel distance, take a look at the workshops offered at the Corse Gallery each year.  Eileen Corse, the gallery owner (and fabulous palette knife painter), hosts amazing artists from all over the U.S.  The lighting and atmosphere is most comfortable. This was the third workshop I have attended there and thoroughly enjoyed each experience!